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Moving Mario

"Moving Mario" is a cute installation by Keith Lam, aka the Demos. It is easier to show than to describe:

You can read the slightly too elaborate description here. I guess you have to write that kind of stuff when you're an artist - I'd have thought you just get it after seeing it for 2 seconds.

It strongly reminded me of the "Be Kind Rewind" exhibition at the Deitch gallery in New York. A friend of mine went there, and it sounded hilarious. Lots of crummy yet crazily inventive mechanical sets and backdrops that anyone can use to make their own movie.

I can't find a decent description of it, but here is a video showing some of the backdrops:

I've been very interested in doing lo-fi stuff like this lately. It just seems like such a cool and natural approach for an indie game, or other online / interactive project of some kind. See also my earlier post about MUTO.