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Diablo III

Diablo III. Enough said. It looks awesome. And there will be a Mac version!

Integrating real-time real-world data into games

BBC News has an article about incorporating real-time racing data into racing games. The patented system [iOpener] is developing sucks in real-time GPS data from racing events and pumps it out to compatible games consoles and PCs. The idea is that you could pit yourself against the top drivers in the world, as it happens, […]

Limbo of the Lost

I just came across the story of Limbo of the Lost, a game that has been in development in some form for 15 years, and that in its current incarnation for the PC appears to be the most awe-inspiring case of plagiarism since Giana Sisters. I mean, check out these screenshots. On June 12th, the […]

My talk went well

My talk on productivity and producing went well. I arrived five minutes before the start and the room was already packed – I think there were about 100 people. I went a bit slower at the start, adding little anecdotes, and subsequently was surprised when the room guy held up a sign saying “5 minutes […]

My talk at GDC Paris starts now

My talk on team productivity at GDC starts now! Wish me luck.

Backward Compatible: GTA IV + Google

Here is a comic that made me smile.

Interview with Alejandro Jodorowsky

Here is an interview with Alejandro Jodorowsky from 1999. It’s fascinating – it helps if you like his work I guess. The Incal, written by Jodorowsky and illustrated by Jean ‘Moebius’ Giraud is one of my favorite comics. I am sad that I will be in Paris but not at the right time to catch […]

More on Pixar’s Wall-E

Here is an interesting article about Wall-E, Pixar’s next animated movie: Once Stanton began to visualise his low-tech robot – Pixar’s logo of the bouncing anglepoise lamp, Luxo, was another major inspiration – he decided Wall.E wouldn’t work with conventional dialogue. He wanted his film to hark back to the sense of wonder, the epic […]

From Goichi Suda’s Wikipedia page

Goichi Suda: Suda was working as an undertaker, enjoying the booming Japanese arcade scene, when he noticed an advertisement for an opening at Human Entertainment, best known for designing the Clock Tower and Fire Pro Wrestling series’s. [Suda] received a call from Human, and was immediately hired. He began work as a scenario writer on […]

Larrabee and rasterization

This is a story that has needled me for a while, but never to the point of writing about it. Until today, when I read a blog entry by Tom Forsyth about how Intel’s Larrabee will actually be able to do rasterization and not just real-time raytracing: I’ve been trying to keep quiet, but I […]