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Info about Valve's new project

John Scalzi, prize-winning SF author, visited Valve Software recently and reports:

What did I see there? I can't tell you (I signed an NDA). What did I do there? I can't tell you (see above). Did I have a good time? Oh, yeah. Should you, as a video game fan, be immensely, immensely jealous? See above. I can say this: If you're a gamer, I think you're going to like what's coming down the pike from Valve. Even the stuff I saw in rough form was very cool. I can also say that the folks at Valve were all very smart, very talented and building really interesting stuff. As I said, when you see it (eventually), you'll probably agree.

Gee, thanks Mr. Scalzi. Could it be a sci-fi title? Involving headcrabs?

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