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A little update on what is going on with me right now:

  • Last Friday was my last day at 10tacle Vienna where I have been working since November 1st. It was a lot of fun as I got to wear a lot of different hats. I did some technical architecture and design, production consulting, planning for advertising... lots of fun stuff having to do with online games basically.
  • I am currently moving. This is quite stressful but it should a) soon be over and b) result in better living conditions for me. If I am posting less or taking longer to reply to emails: this is why.
  • Some time in March I should be starting work on an exciting new project. Design work too. It will be online (I am only getting online offers these days, a topic for another post) but not a game. Still, it should be entertaining... More later, I hope.
  • Work on the site redesign is not advancing. The move is taking all of my time and attention right now. There will be small flowers on this site for some more time, I am afraid.
  • Because I am obviously insane I have applied for a raiding spot in my WoW guild. I had to respec from feral to resto, which kinda hurt after 2 years of being feral, but I am starting to like healing (especially after discovering I can kill stuff with spells). My guildies won't let me raid until they've killed Illidan (the last boss left before 2.4), and since I don't have the gear for Black Temple that's probably a good idea ;). More on this later too. And yes that all made no sense if you don't play WoW a lot.
Update: Oh, and I won't be going to GDC this year, because a) I am moving and b) it is ridiculously expensive. Would've been fun, but meh.