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Analyzing game industry analysts

Kotaku has an interesting feature article looking at game industry analysts: what they do, and how well they do it. Although they measure prediction outcomes, the article is deeper than just ‘this dude was only right 30% of the time’: One of the best analysts overall turned out to be Colin Sebastian. While he only […]

Shawn Blanc interviews John Gruber

This may be of more interest to me than to you, but I enjoyed reading Shawn Blanc’s interview of John Gruber, the writer of Daring Fireball. They talk a lot about writing on blogs, the evolution of Daring Fireball and Mr. Gruber’s writing style, etc. I found this interesting as a blogger, less so as […]

Insanely Twisted Patapon

Here is the trailer for Patapon, a Japanese game that strongly reminds me of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet. The gameplay seems different though.


A little update on what is going on with me right now: Last Friday was my last day at 10tacle Vienna where I have been working since November 1st. It was a lot of fun as I got to wear a lot of different hats. I did some technical architecture and design, production consulting, planning […]

Monkey Island Revival party in Vienna on February 23rd

There will be a Monkey Island Revival party in Vienna on February 23rd. It’s being organized by Martin Kremecek, game designer at 10tacle Vienna, with the help of many people from the Viennese game development scene. They’re putting a lot of work into this – everything short of flying over Ron Gilbert. See you there!

Emotion Engineering in Videogames by Stephane Bura

Remember Stéphane Bura’s talk on game design I mentioned earlier? He just published a massive article detailing the theory he presented in his talk. It has graphs and tables and stuff. This is a very exciting time to be a videogame designer. Videogame design is evolving from a barely understood activity done by genius designers […]

Fun with David Blaine

You may have heard of David Blaine, street magician. Here is a video of him doing magic. Now watch these three spoof videos by ThoseLilRabbits: one, two, three. I laughed out loud, for real. I really like this kind of humor. Note how cheap this was to make. (Via the excellent Wondermark.)

Congratulations Alice and Cory!

And welcome to Poesy Emmeline Fibonacci Nautilus Taylor Doctorow.

Inside the U.S. Navy’s Armed Robot Labs

Wired has a small article about the U.S. Navy’s armed robot labs. Even though on some level it makes no sense to say this: This is good inspiration for sci-fi settings. The Navy’s MDARS-E is an armed robot that can track anything that moves. Told that I was the target, the unmanned vehicle trained its […]

Update on the Hobbit movies

Those Hobbit movies I mentioned earlier? Guillermo Del Toro will direct. It somehow seems fitting.