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World of Warcraft for Mobile Phones?

World of Warcraft for Mobile Phones?
Now don't expect to be questing or leveling with wowMobile, (Unless your using wow glider) its more for simple things, for the geeks, addicts (or the bored) -Check Auction House -Sell/Buy at merchants -Small travel distances -Catch up on Email -Chat -Monitor the wait status for a battle ground while your away from your computer.

First time I hear of this. Why can't I do some of these things without logging into the WoW client? Blizzard is so slow with extending the game into the surrounding ecosystem (but perhaps for a good reason).

I say this is fake / link bait / malware. Or it's some hack, in which case it will be crushed mercilessly. By now Blizzard has enough money to just take out a hit on people that annoy them.

(Thanks Thomas.)