Game Focus Germany 2008

So now I can say what that milestone I mentioned earlier was: The conference schedule for Game Focus Germany 2008 in Hannover had finally been locked down. GFG is a conference for German developers and publishers, now in its second year. I got the job of finding international speakers through ML Enterprises, so since late October I have been trying to get interesting people to come and give a talk this year. And I think it worked out well! I am very excited about the line-up. Greg Costikyan, Noel Llopis, Stéphane Adamiak, Robin Hunicke, Mike McShaffry, Jonathan Blow, Doug Church, Stéphane Bura, Erik Simon, Thaddaeus Frogley and many others are coming. The hardest thing will be to choose which session to go too… (Well, and dealing with this cold I suddenly developed last Saturday. Curses!)

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