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Game Focus Germany 2008

So now I can say what that milestone I mentioned earlier was: The conference schedule for Game Focus Germany 2008 in Hannover had finally been locked down. GFG is a conference for German developers and publishers, now in its second year. I got the job of finding international speakers through ML Enterprises, so since late October I have been trying to get interesting people to come and give a talk this year. And I think it worked out well! I am very excited about the line-up. Greg Costikyan, Noel Llopis, St├ęphane Adamiak, Robin Hunicke, Mike McShaffry, Jonathan Blow, Doug Church, St├ęphane Bura, Erik Simon, Thaddaeus Frogley and many others are coming. The hardest thing will be to choose which session to go too... (Well, and dealing with this cold I suddenly developed last Saturday. Curses!)