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Pre-registration for PAX 2008 has started

It is unlikely I will ever be in the US at the same time as PAX is held, and even more unlikely I will ever fly over just for PAX. So why am I blogging about it? Gabe wrote a particularly nice post about PAX 2007, and it reminded me how large and positive an […]

Killzone 2 most expensive game ever?

Update: I have to say that the blog I link to here is either a very well connected anonymous insider blog or total BS. Reader beware. Still, it sounds plausible. Here is some industry scuttlebutt about Killzone 2: […] that figure was actually €21 million ($30 million) and it has only gone up from there […]

Game Focus Germany 2008: My impressions

Here are my impressions of the talks I saw at Game Focus Germany: Greg Costikyan, “The Independent Developer Shall Rise Again”. I could not have asked for a better keynote. My secret theme for the conference was “Thinking outside of the box of the core games industry”, i.e. outside of multi-million PC / console projects […]

My progress in Assassin’s Creed

So last night I played some more Assassin’s Creed. First I remembered I could climb stuff so I ran around and practised fleeing from guards. Then I did the pickpocketing mission again and it was, in fact, ridiculously easy. I guess I forgot to press LT the first time. I then immediately failed the next […]

How Goldman Sachs made money from the sub-prime mortgage crisis

Last year, as I am sure you have heard, there was some trouble in the U.S. sub-prime mortage market. Lots of financial companies on Wall Street lost billions, except Goldman Sachs (WSJ article, Guardian article). columnist Michael Lewis draws an interesting conclusion from this: I can’t think of another example of a big Wall […]

Hiive Books: The ZX Spectrum Book – 1982 to 199x

I just found out about The ZX Spectrum Book – 1982 to 199x, a book about the greatest 80s home computer of all time, the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Which, incidentally, was my first computer at age 13. The book seems to consist entirely of descriptions of the great games that were released on this platform. […]

Quick opinions of some games I’ve been playing

I’ve played a couple of new games this weekend. Well, new. New to me. Here are my impressions based on about an hour or two per game: Zuma. Nice, if a bit low-res. Lots of interesting feedback and risk-reward aspects. Move the mouse away from the center and you can be more precise, but it […]

The usability testing on Halo 3

It’s time to close some tabs. This Wired article is about the usability testing that Microsoft and Bungie did on Halo 3. People who know me know I am a big fan of quantified and/or empirical approaches to game design. I really truly think that if you’re not using these kind of methods, over time […]

Back from Hannover

I am back from Hannover. It was very cool. More later: I need to decompress / recover sleep / deal with my cold.

Game Focus Germany 2008

So now I can say what that milestone I mentioned earlier was: The conference schedule for Game Focus Germany 2008 in Hannover had finally been locked down. GFG is a conference for German developers and publishers, now in its second year. I got the job of finding international speakers through ML Enterprises, so since late […]