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"Rockstar Head Ascends to Take-Two Throne"

I just got sent a link to an article called "Rockstar Head Ascends to Take-Two Throne". Here is more or less what I was thinking as I opened it:

Sam Houser got promoted? Nice comeback: This must be related to that expiring contract business.

Reads article

Gary Dale, formerly the Chief Operating Officer of Rockstar Games [...]

... Who?

[...] said Ben Feder, Chief Executive Officer of Take-Two.

... Who?

Ohhh.... part of the post-Hot Coffee management shake-up.

[...] make him an excellent choice to take on this new corporate Executive VP position [...]

... Vice President of what exactly? Ah well.

As for Michael Pachter's belief that the Housers might leave over money when their contract runs out: I disagree. They don't need money, but in their shoes I would be quite dissatisfied at Take-2, ever since Rockstar Games was no longer mentioned here (i.e. after June 15th 2006). And the Houser brothers would have the balls to walk away.

Still, the new GTA IV trailer looks nice.