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Rockstar Vienna's missing credits for Manhunt 2

Yesterday, Rockstar Games released Manhunt 2 for Sony PlayStation 2, Sony PSP and Nintendo Wii. This blog post is not about the difficulties Take Two had getting this game on the market. I merely intend to correct an inaccuracy in the game's credits, namely the over 55 missing Rockstar Vienna employees who worked on the game from January 2004 until the studio was closed down on May 11th 2006.

To the best of my knowledge, apart from the people who briefly went to Rockstar London to assist with development there, nobody from Rockstar Vienna is mentioned in the credits of Manhunt 2.

I have assembled the missing Rockstar Vienna credits to the best of my abilities. Over the course of 2.5 years various people joined and left the project. I have tried to list everyone under their primary position. One person asked during development that his name not appear in the credits: this request has been honored here.

People from other Rockstar Games studios also worked on this title. Their names and positions can be found in the credits of the released game.

Here are the missing credits:

Executive Producer:
Hannes Seifert

Marin Gazzari
Hannes Seifert
Jurie Horneman

Associate Producer:
Kirsten Kennedy
Monika Sange

Lead Programmer:
Thaddaeus Frogley

Andreas Varga
Mark Wesley
Christian Bazant
Adrian Garrett
Andrew Howe
Peter Melchart
Uwe Pachler
Christian Schmutzer
Gareth White
Bjoern Drabeck

Lead Level Designer:
Gunter Hager

Level Designers:
Georg Gschwend
Jurie Horneman
Attila Malárik
James McLoughlin
Klaus Riech
Peter Saghegyi
Ngoc Nguyen

Lead Artist:
Leander Schock

Technical Artists:
Stefan Kubicek
Terence Kuederle

Level and Environment Artists:
Michal Drimalka
Daniel Edwards
Paul Ellinor
Maximillian Froemter
Alexander Hager
Guenter Hochecker
Ian Maude
John O'Malley
Oliver Reischl

Character Artists:
Julian Kenning
Ulrich Radhuber

Lead Animator:
Reinhard Schmid

Roger Barnett
Steven Manship

Concept Artist:
Christian Koppold

Lead Audio & Video Engineer:
Tobias Kraze

Sound Designers:
Darren Lambourne
Dominik Mayr
Steven Blezy

Video Editor:
Bernhard List

Lead Tester:
Peter Ehardt

Melissa Lumbroso
Simon Belton
Michael Borras
Helmut Hutterer
Sameer Malik
Joseph Sewell
Bryan Thompson
Kala Truman
Kieran Gaynor
Andrea Schmoll
Markus Igel

Tobias Kraze
Bernhard List

Managing Directors:
Hannes Seifert
Niki Laber

Technical Director:
Tobias Sicheritz

Production Director:
Thomas Schweitzer

Creative Director:
Marin Gazzari

Administration & Finance Manager:
Dana Zajic

HR Manager:
Michaela Gazzari

Operations Manager:
Martin Filipp

Chris Soukup
Thomas Zajic
Gernot Unger
Marco Pietsch
Peter Krakhofer
Markus Skrivan

Internal Tools Development:
Philipp Rettenbacher
Thomas Passauer
Martin Porocnik

David Huettner (Character Artist)
Donald Kirkland (Game Designer)
Sebastian Harras (Level Designer/Artist)
Jeff Wong (Animator)
Helmut Hutterer (Tester)
Gill Frank (Animator)
Kerstin Knesewicz (Management Assistent)
Kaweh Kazemi (Producer)
Petra Gregorowitsch (Management Assistant)
Melanie Friedl (Receptionist)

Additional Art:
RABCAT Computer Graphics GmbH

I am writing this to state facts that I believe should have been made public, not to offer opinions or commentary on the reasons for why these credits were omitted.

I am sure someone somewhere is going to say that Rockstar Vienna was closed down because our work on Manhunt 2 was of insufficient quality. This is the kind of thing that cannot be proven one way or another, so all I will say is that this was not the case. I do not want to denigrate what Rockstar London did on Manhunt 2, but as far as I can tell (from analyzing screenshots, previews, etc.) the majority of the work we did at Rockstar Vienna is in the released game. Rearranged and modified, but it's there.

I am disappointed and outraged that Rockstar Games tries to pretend that Rockstar Vienna and the work we did on Manhunt 2 never happened - the work of over 50 people, who put years of their lives into the project, trying to make the best game they could. I am proud to have been a part of that team.