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ADHD patients play video games as part of treatment

A reader asked me if I knew of any games that can be used to treat ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder – it is called TDA/H in some other countries). A quick Google turned up this USA Today article that discusses the issue (and amusingly mentions players ‘slaying Spyro the Dragon’). It seems far from clear that […]

What to do if you don’t have a game designer on your team

A while ago I explained why game design is important. A reader asked in the comments: What do you do if you don’t have a game designer on your team? There are a number of reasons why you might be in this situation: You don’t have the budget for another person on your team. The […]

Rockstar Games lacking sense of humor?

According to this article, someone from Rockstar Games objected to the ‘Grand Theft Scratchy’ posters for EA’s upcoming Simpsons game that were displayed at the Games Convention in Leipzig this year. I kind of find that hard to believe. First of all, GTA has been parodied a billion times already. Second, Rockstar Games generally does […]

“Try Telling That To My Baby” by The Heavy Blinkers

I really like this video for The Heavy Blinkers’ “Try Telling That To My Baby”: Because what’s not to like about cute animated cupcakes and Busby Berkeley numbers involving candy? I like the song too. This kind of setting used to be much more common in games, especially in the jump and runs of the […]

Electronic Arts buys Bioware / Pandemic for $800 million

Reuters says Electronic Arts is buying Bioware / Pandemic for $800 million. I think many people saw the Bioware / Pandemic merger, with support from private equity firm Elevation Partners, as a bold move to create a large-scale independent developer. With this news, it looks more like a fancy move by John Riccitiello, who worked […]

More about 4mm Games, Jamie King’s new company

Way back in June I wrote something about how Jamie King, co-founder & former VP of Development of Rockstar Games, started a new company called 4mm Games. It turns out a shady rumor blog linked to me and added a little additional information: We hear… that Jamie King, the not-so recently departed co-founder of Rockstar […]

Sony drops PS3’s backward compatibility

According to this Gamasutra news item, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is going to release a 399 Euro PS3 (that’s a 200 Euro price drop) with a 40 GB hard drive and no backward compatibility with PS2 games. The most significant exception, according to SCEE, is that the new model is no longer backwards compatible with […]

New York Times op-ed about the potential of the games medium

Daniel Radosh has written an op-ed about the state of the interactive medium in the New York Times. Some choice quotes: Games boast ever richer and more realistic graphics, but this has actually inhibited their artistic growth. The ability to convincingly render any scene or environment has seduced game designers into thinking of visual features […]

Site upgrade

Careful readers may have noticed small changes here and there. Today, I performed a somewhat bigger upgrade behind the scenes. Everything seems to be working like before… Still, if you see something fishy, please let me know.

Cool children’s prank involving a train

Boys will be boys. Watch it: it’s really funny. Nice Idea – video powered by Metacafe (Via David Petrie.)