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More about 4mm Games, Jamie King's new company

Way back in June I wrote something about how Jamie King, co-founder & former VP of Development of Rockstar Games, started a new company called 4mm Games.

It turns out a shady rumor blog linked to me and added a little additional information:

We hear… that Jamie King, the not-so recently departed co-founder of Rockstar Games is working on a big virtual world's [sic] project under the name of his new company 4mm Games. Apparently, the company is quite far in the process of building the environment. We hear… that it's aimed at teenagers and is more play ground rather than straight-up strategy game, like World of Warcraft. Think Second Life, but surely (knowing Mr. King's cutting edge knowledge of cultural trends) cooler, more expansive and with an eye towards interactivity. If this proves to be true, don't hesitate to get involved in some level. King is known to be a rain maker.

This was posted at the same time as my original post, i.e. 4 months ago. It's some kind of anonymous blog written by an 'agency spy', so I would take it all with a pinch of salt.

And yeah, I am being called a psyched kid by an anonymous blogger. Jesus, you work in the games industry for over 16 years, and this is what you get. I will have to tone down my crazy enthusiasm in future posts.