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Grand Theft Scratchy is no more

According to this article Rockstar Games’ objections to the ‘Grand Theft Scratchy: Blood Island’ part of Electronic Arts’ upcoming Simpsons game (reported earlier) go beyond some people complaining about a poster at the Games Convention in Leipzig. The satirical reference to GTA is apparently not even a game you play: “The game begins with Bart […]

Brütal Legend, the next game from Double Fine Productions

Double Fine Productions’ next game has been announced. It’s called Brütal Legend, and it’s an action game set in a heavy metal world (hence the umlaut). So you get a little Guitar Hero vibe, a little Tenacious D influence (since the main character is based on Jack Black), plus a good helping of Tim Schafer […]

A royal welcome for the king of Saudi Arabia

The king of Saudi Arabia recently visited the UK, which was a historic occasion. Guess what music was played to welcome him? Watch the first 40 seconds of this video. (Via James and the Blue Cat.)

Two simple truths about producers and game designers

Free-lance game designer/producers Most people think they can design games. Most people think they know what preproductions are for. Most people are wrong. As a consequence, I, as a free-lance game designer/producer, don’t get hired to do game design or manage preproduction. I get hired to fix productions that go wrong because the game design […]

The forgotten genre of the submarine simulation

Falko Löffler has posted a mini-rant about the lost genre of submarine simulations. In German. Basically, he doesn’t see the point of simulating a submarine. I do. I don’t like them or play them, but I do see the point. They have one quality which is fairly rare, and it has to do with immersion. […]

Ricky Jay, master magician

I just came across a ton of videos of Ricky Jay performances on YouTube. Ricky Jay is one of the world’s great sleight-of-hand artists, as well as an expert on the history of magic and author of several books. I highly recommend this New Yorker article. A small excerpt: Deborah Baron, a screenwriter in Los […]

Venn diagram comparing PlayStation 3 models

Confused by all the changes Sony has been making to their Playstation 3 model line? Chris Kohler made a handy Venn diagram of the PlayStation 3 models and their feature sets. Although I think he left out HDMI? Wasn’t there something retarded where the cheaper PS3s don’t have HDMI out? Because my new TV has […]

LOLCode .Net compiler

Remember LOLCode? There’s now a functioning .Net LOLCode compiler. Debug “IM IN YR LOOP” right inside Visual Studio. (Via Boing Boing Blog.) Update: Craigslist ad for LOLCode developers here. YOU CAN HAS CHEEZEBURGER? YOU HAS A FLAVUR? If so, you may be the right fit for this Midtown Manhattan Web Design Startup! We are a […]

John Scalzi on how not to increase traffic to your blog

John Scalzi has an amusing (and profanity-laced) post about how not to increase traffic to your blog. It is a response to some blog post with ‘5 Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Blog’ or some ridiculous title like that. I find this interesting for two reasons. One has to do with this quote: […]

Regarding Dumbledore and the boundaries of Harry Potter

I’m sure you’ve heard that J.K. Rowling has outed Dumbledore as gay. I find it amusing, but beyond that I have no strong opinion on the subject. However, there are people over at Making Light who do. The comments there are a good read (to read the ROT13-encrypted comments, try this bookmarklet) and highly informative, […]