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Vocaloid 2: Yamaha’s anime song generator

Here is an interesting article about Vocaloid 2, a program developed by Yamaha that, given lyrics and a melody, generates anime-style singing. The singing sounds like a normal human voice modified by digital effects, such as one can hear in some of the music kids listen to these days (and I am assuming here that […]

Christian Coders Network

There are many sites about game development out there, but I bet there’s not a lot with a list of recent articles like this: Watching Sunsets Bubble Sort and Merge Sort Seeking for God’s will and guidance Basic XOR Encryption(c++) Romans and Computer Games Fun-factor In fact, it is quite likely that the Christian Coders […]

Intel To Acquire Havok

Read Intel’s press release. I wonder what that means for Havok on non-Intel platforms. Like all current consoles. Is it RenderWare all over again? Well, probably not, but it might have some amusing effects on the middleware market. (Thanks, Tobi!) Update: Since I just phrased it so nicely in an ICQ conversation about the similarities […]

Mass Effect to include sex scene

(I don’t consider the content of this post to contain spoilers, but if you like your gaming experiences pristine, better look away now.) According to Eurogamer Mass Effect is to include a sex scene. From the BBFC rating: The single sex scene is brief and undetailed, although there is breast nudity in one version of […]

Some people are visiting this site for the wrong reasons

I have a cold, so my posting frequency is down a bit. Anyway, this is what people are searching for when they get to my site: I also get a ton of visits through Google image search because of this picture. leads to my site, and I am currently the #1 result for […]

Japanese ‘Human Art’ stop-motionesque video

You may have seen the ‘Matrix Ping Pong’ video a few years ago. I just came across a video in a similar style (perhaps from the same TV show) that is quite cool: Both have links to various other videos like it, which I did not watch. Let me know if they’re good. (Via William […]

Games and Web 2.0: My presentation at the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt

Last Wednesday I gave a 90 minute presentation on how the internet is changing the games industry at the University of Applied Sciences / Fachhochschule Wiener Neustadt, a university near Vienna. It was part of the eMarketing course taught by Sascha Mundstein for the Business Consultancy International B.A. programme. The structure of my presentation was: […]

My Xbox 360 is back

Just got it back. Correction: got back a replacement unit. Unpacked it, connected. Blinking red ring of death. *sigh* I could call the UPS guys, they can’t have gotten far… Wait – 4 elements, not 3. It just means the AV cable is not properly connected :) Now downloading Bioshock (again, for good measure), Skate, […]

An official (?) Super Mario World level that plays itself

Here is a level from Super Mario World that you can finish by simply not touching the controller. Setting this up must have been an immense effort – it’s breathtaking. The Only Mario Level That Plays Itself – Watch more free videos (Via Boing Boing.)

Study proves violent video games make women smarter

OK, that is a slight oversimplification, but there’s an interesting article in this week’s Economist which sort of goes like this: Scientists test people’s ability to spot unusual objects in their field of vision. Men do better than women. Scientists suppress urge to ‘explain this in terms of division of labour on the African savannah’. […]