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Love Death 2

Alright, here is my dirty little secret: a significant chunk of my non-subscriber traffic is people looking for nude World of Warcraft skins and other dodgy subjects I have occasionally blogged about over the years. So, in a cynical attempt to increase my traffic, I bring you news of Love Death 2, a first-person bukkake simulator from Japan (where else?). If you don't know what bukkake is: don't bother.

Anyway. There's a video. Although you probably wouldn't want to watch it at work, it's far from scrubbing-out-your-brain-with-acid stuff either. But then again, maybe I have a withered, scarred husk for a soul.

Since I know y'all come here for the deep analysis (well, except for those WoW nude skin people), here are some observations:

  • What an incredibly inept way of portraying this particular act. Especially the, um, fluid dynamics. It's not even disgusting.
  • Ironically, that is one of the best real-time 3D anime characters I have seen in a long time.
  • I had to laugh towards the end. What's with the baseball bat? Again, let us all be thankful for the ineptness.

(Via Boing Boing, who got it from Rock Paper Shotgun.)