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Surreal Game Design: a group blog on game design

Surreal Game Design is a group blog on game design by the designers – all 17 of them! – at Surreal Software in Seattle. They make me feel inadequate by writing lots of great articles about professional game design, but then again, they’re 17 and I am just by myself. Also, I need a lot […]

Interview with Ridley Scott about Blade Runner: The Final Cut

There’s an interview with Ridley Scott in Wired magazine about the final cut of Blade Runner that is finally coming to DVD and theaters this year. (You can read about how I’ve been waiting for this movie for nine frickin’ years over here.)

The OLE Coordinate System simulates M.C. Escher in real-time 3D

OLE Coordinate System is a mind-blowing graphics system developed by Jun Fujiki. Mr. Fujiki has written a 3D display / collision engine that simulates the impossible spatial logic from the work of M.C. Escher. The reality of the autonomous character is affected by how his reality looks to you, the observer. If you don’t see […]

Chinese MMO bans in-game gender-bending

What it says. Amusing. Update: Joystiq has done some research on this and there are reasons to believe it is not true (thanks, Steve Lee).

Joerg Plewe and Flying Guns

Joerg Plewe currently is a senior Java and GUI developer and has been in many areas of IT ranging from embedded programming to bioinformatics and games. Joerg has studied physics and used to work with languages like C/C++, Forth, Lisp, Assembly and others in all kinds of environments. That may be so, but I know […]

Zero Punctuation

If by some chance you haven’t yet heard of “Zero Punctuation”, Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw’s video game review column over at The Escapist, well, go check it out. It’s very entertaining.

Braid is coming to Xbox Live Arcade

Braid, one of the more interesting indie games I’ve noticed in the last few years, is coming to Xbox Live Arcade. Which means I will be able to play it, seeing as I don’t own a PC. There’s a lot more I could say about Braid and indie games. And perhaps one day I will. […]

Sex advice from video-game designers has sex advice from video-game designers, and it’s not a set-up for cheap joke. OK, it is part of a series which includes sex advice from surfers and dog walkers. Still, it features Heather Kelley and Randy Smith, so it can’t be all bad. (Via Alice.)

Batman by Dostoyevsky

I’ve started reading Dostoyevsky’s ‘Crime and Punishment’ several times, but, while I appreciate the peculiar effect the book generates, I’ve never been able to get further than about one third. Luckily I won’t have to try anymore, since R. Sikoryak has remade the book in the style of an old-school Batman comic. Behold the adventures […]

Metaplace: open DIY virtual worlds for everyone

Metaplace: open DIY virtual worlds for everyone. Finally we know what Areae, Raph Koster’s company, has been working on. It sounds very much like what Brian Moriarty envisioned in his Listen! speech at the GDC in 1997. (Via Boing Boing.) Update: Alice has a lot more information, as she should since she is way more […]