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Transfer complete

You can now reach this blog again through the usual URL (with or without 'www'). The temporary URL at will disappear soon.

There are still a few small issues to work out, but most of it is done now. I have changed hosting from TypePad to Dreamhost, blogging platform from TypePad to WordPress, and I have transferred my domain.

I initiated the transfer of my domain last Sunday. The domain would have expired on Tuesday. The transfer process takes a week... this meant my site was in an interesting state of limbo for a while.

I can now do more things with my blog, my costs are a bit lower, and everything related to this blog is now consolidated in one place.

I used TypePad for almost 4 years, but in the end I felt WordPress offered more possibilities and better usability. I had the most expensive TypePad package simply because I wanted the ability to edit some HTML, which was quite cumbersome. I could run as many blogs as I wanted, but didn't need to. Their customer support is nice, but I've had a couple of issues where they couldn't help me at all (I think I've had trackbacks disabled for over a year). But at least they replied: I can't say the same for Apple's .Mac support, which is even more expensive and which I also intend to replace.

Update: It seems the feed through FeedBurner and all of their feed flare is working again.