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Dueling Banjos for Guitar Hero 2

I never really got into Deliverance, John Boorman's 1972 movie about suburbanites getting into trouble in the American country-side, but I've always liked the famous dueling banjos scene at the beginning of the movie:

Ronny Cox's character gets his ass kicked musically, foreshadowing more ass-kicking later on.

Now, apparently people have found out how to hack Guitar Hero 2 so you can play your own songs. And yes, someone did that with Dueling Banjos. Now I've seen a few impressive Guitar Hero videos, but nothing quite like this:

(It works so well with the hair rock antics in the background :P)

I wonder if anyone has ever tried playing Guitar Hero to a custom track by Al Di Meola, John MacLaughlin and Paco de Lucia...