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Trusty Bell Exceeds Sales Expectations in Japan

About a year ago I blogged about Trusty Bell, a Japanese game for the Xbox 360.

I have since learned that it is not just a game about the composer Frederic Chopin, it is a game about a dream Chopin has three hours before dying, which takes him to a cel-shaded world filled with people with incurable diseases. To which I say: awesome! And like all games in the dream-before-dying-incurable-disease genre, it has a complex combo based battle system.

According to this Gamasutra column, Trusty Bell was number 1 in the Xbox 360 sales charts.

Ah, Japan... saving us from boring military / special forces settings, one game at a time.

Update: By the way, it's called 'Eternal Sonata' over in the West.