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The Simpsons Movie: The Game – Made in Vienna

After the WiiWare post a while back, more news about games made in Vienna. It turns out the Flash game on the website of The Simpsons Movie (which I found pretty funny by the way (the movie, not the website)) was written by Root9, developers of local game phenomenon Yeti Sports. And in fact the […]

Warren Spector starts blog, sells studio to Disney

I just found out via Robin that Warren Spector has started a blog. And what’s the first thing I read? Junction Point has been acquired by Disney. (I am not a game news junkie anymore, so it was news to me.) Congratulations!

Rockstar Vienna lives

This Gamasutra article about Rockstar Games contains a small anomaly: the Rockstar Vienna logo. Each Rockstar studio has its own color, light blue, the color used in this article, was Vienna’s. Not a big deal, but slightly amusing in the context of the somewhat 1984-like denial of Rockstar Vienna’s existence ever since they got closed […]

How To Get Into The Games Industry

I recently* was asked a quite common question which, oddly, I had not been asked before, namely: how do I get into the games industry? To which I almost have to reply: I have no clue. I could tell you how I did it (I answered an ad I saw at a demo convention late […]

Games Buddha won’t play

This is a list of games Buddha said he wouldn’t play. Who knew? This is the earliest known list of games, according to Wikipedia. (Via Daniel Solis.)

Where World of Warcraft’s dance moves come from

Someone has gone to the trouble of doing the research. I knew quite a few, but not all: It even has the Murloc pet… BUT NO UNDEAD. Tsk, tsk. Some of the sources are quite obscure. I wonder if the female Blood Elf dance really was taken from an amateur Korean video. (Via Alice.)

Working at Rockstar Games

A guy called Jeff has written a long blog post about what it’s like to work at the head office of Rockstar Games in New York. I haven’t read it myself yet. (Thanks Tobi.)

First news of Doug Church’s new project

Newsweek has an exclusive article about two of the games that are being made by Electronic Arts in collaboration with Steven Spielberg. The second one, code-named LMNO, is executive-produced by Doug Church, who joined Electronic Arts about two years ago. It sounds intriguing: The second game, code-named LMNO and made for Xbox 360 and PS3, […]

Checkers has been ‘solved’

New Scientist reports that Checkers has been solved and joins the ranks of Tic Tac Toe and, apparently, Connect 4. Computer games expert (in a different sense than usual within the context of this blog) and spoilsport Jonathan Schaeffer worked on the problem for 18 years! (Via BoingBoing.)

“Nobody Knows” by Aya Karpinska

Aya Karpinska sent me a very nice email today, which included a link to Nobody Knows, a digital poetry piece / VJ application that uses a game controller to allow players (readers?) to manipulate the visuals. It sounds very playful.