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Waterfall 2006 - International Conference on Sequential Development

If you know what the waterfall model for software development is, you might get a kick out of reading about Waterfall 2006 - International Conference on Sequential Development. It has tons of great tutorials by well-known software development experts - here is an excerpt:

  • Take Control of Your Team's Decisions NOW! by Ken Schwaber
  • Avoiding the Seven Pitfalls of Lean by Mary Poppendieck
  • Pair Managing: Two Managers per Programmer by Jim Highsmith
  • Two-Phase Waterfall: Implementation Considered Harmful by Robert C. Martin
  • User Interaction: It Was Hard to Build, It Should Be Hard to Use by Jeff Patton
  • FIT Testing In When You Can; Otherwise Skip It by Ward Cunningham
  • The Joy of Silence: Cube Farm Designs That Cut Out Conversation by Alistair Cockburn
  • wordUnit: A Document Testing Framework by Kent Beck
  • Slash and Burn: Rewrite Your Enterprise Applications Twice a Year by Michael Feathers

(Via Kill The Meeting, which is probably worth a blog post of its own.)