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Microsoft Surface, a multi-touch interface device

Popular Mechanics has a video of Microsoft Surface, a table-sized multi-touch interface device. It is based on the work of Jeff Han, whose work I have blogged about before. Although it seems remarkably similar, I am not sure if this is the same technology that is used in Apple's iPhone. However, I somehow doubt there will be a real patent dispute here.

What is interesting about Microsoft Surface is that it combines a huge touch screen with cameras that allow the system to detect objects such as cameras and phones. It looks cool in the video, but I wonder if the system could discriminate between two wireless devices (both using Wifi, say).

(If you're interested in this: See previous blog posts on the work of Edward Tse, which is somewhat similar, as well as on Sony's DataTiles. And I thought I linked to a video showing an interaction between a large horizontal screen and physical objects in order to make music, but I can't find it.)

Update: Aaaaaaand here is a pretty funny parody video of Microsoft Surface. Warning: this is ONLY funny with SOUND. Without sound, it's just a normal PR video.