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20+1 Useful OS X Tips

Another post that has nothing to do with the games industry, but I need to close the browser tab.

Here is a list of 20 useful OS X tips by Chris Howard over at Apple Matters. I am not a hard-core Apple geek, but I am not a noob either - I didn't know many of these, and some of them are quite handy.

9. To select a block of text, click the start position, then Shift-click the end position.
  1. Option-click the minimize button minimizes all windows in the application - and makes for a really cool animation (hold the shift key too if you want to slow it down to see it more easily).

  2. Option-click on a minimized window will restore all windows for that application.

  3. When menus are selected, press the option key to reveal alternative functions. Eg In the File menu of Finder, the Get Info item becomes Show Inspector which is like a context sensitive info pane.

And here is one I found out through TextMate - I can't believe this is OS X standard. Select a block of text, press Command-E, then Command-F (or just select Find in the Edit menu of an application that supports it). The block of text is now in the Find dialog. (I'd prefer it if all Find dialogs would just take my selection, but eh.) The TextMate manual claims Command-G does something related, but I couldn't figure it out.