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Spider-Man 3 may be the most expensive movie ever made

This article in Radar Online discusses the budget of Spider-Man 3. The exact budget is not known, but 'industry insiders' claim the production alone cost over $350 million, which with marketing and promotion means the whole movie cost half a billion dollars. Sony, 'still reeling from a flurry of bad press on its PlayStation 3 gaming console', disputes the $350 million number but won't say what the correct number is.

Which is all well and good. One little bit made me think of games:

One filmmaker notes that a project as massive as Spider-Man 3 can be beyond human ingenuity to manage. "Once a behemoth like this movie rolls out, it's like a glacier," he says. "It moves forward at its own pace." And veteran production manager Marty Katz adds that budget overruns are not necessarily a sign of poor leadership. "When we did Titanic, we thought we were doing everything right, but certain shots we just could not get," he says. "You plan and plan.... But that's the nature of these kinds of movies."

Interesting. I wonder how that's like on big, 100+ person AAA game development projects. Too bad it is so hard to get any real data on that kind of development.

(Via Kottke.)