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The most frustrating Super Mario mod ever

The Most Frustrating Super Mario Mod Ever This is screamingly funny (give it a minute). (Via Kottke.) Update: Apparently, it is even funnier, if profane, with sound.

A 20-Something L.A. Girl, Gamer & Playboy Bunny

This makes me feel old. But hey! I am old! Kinda. I had a look at the celebrity blog nominees for the Blogger’s Choice Awards, when I came across Just A Girl From LA, a blog by ‘a 20-something L.A. girl, gamer & Playboy bunny’.

Gaming convention in Iraq / ‘300’ parody by VG Cats

Ziggurat Con – The World’s First War Zone Game Convention? | A gaming convention in Iraq, how cool. Via Penny Arcade. VG Cats – Koopa! Best 300 parody so far.

Ubisoft buys Sunflowers: Commentary

As reported earlier, Ubisoft has bought Sunflowers, who own the rights to Anno, probably the most successful game franchise to come out of Germany ever. They also bought a 30% stake in Related Designs, the developers of the most recent game in the Anno series.

Another anecdote about people offering things on the street

(There will be posts that are actually about interactive entertainment soon, I promise!) This is somewhat related to that Joshua Bell story I linked to a few days ago. Just now I was walking along the Mariahilfer Strasse, Vienna’s busiest shopping street. It’s 24 degrees Celsius today and, as my friend Mike pointed out, when […]

Kurt Vonnegut has died

Kurt Vonnegut has died. Time to reread some of his books. I never read that many, but the ones I did read, I liked.

Ubisoft buys Sunflowers

Ubisoft buys Sunflowers, holders of the Anno brand. Read all about it. This is big news for the German games industry. Commentary later. Thanks to Greg for telling me about this.

An anecdote about making music on the street

On my way back from the supermarket around the corner just now, I saw a girl on the sidewalk of about 7 years old, who was standing there with a brightly-colored toy keyboard around her neck and what was probably her brother next to her.

Complete, produced game design documents

A friend of mine just asked me if I had any complete game design documents of released games lying around. Since I happened to know of a few, and this is not the first time I get asked this question, I figured I might as well turn the answer into a blog post.

“No one belongs here more than you” by Miranda July

The website for No one belongs here more than you, a collection of stories by Miranda July, is the best website I have ever seen for a book. Via Jason Kottke – read his post, it saves me some typing trying to explain why the site above is so cool.