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Update (for real this time)

Alright, enough about my adventures in procrastination.

So, I am back from Hamburg - have been back for a while, in fact. It's great to be back in Vienna. Alternating between intensive work periods and intensive, um, not-work periods is interesting. Basically, I have a different mind-set now than I had in Hamburg, and than I had last summer, and this is reflected in my blogging.

I didn't have a lot of time to read news last winter (not having a private internet connection didn't help). Now I have time, but somehow... meh. I have about 1200 unread games news items in my news reader. I can't really get excited about games-related stuff somehow. GDC came and went, I had a couple of items I thought of posting, but, well, I didn't feel it was worth the trouble for me to write and for you to read it. Time to rethink my blogging style - and my website, probably.

I've fired up my Xbox 360 for the first time in 6 months or so, though, and there's a couple of news items I do feel I have to comment on in some way, plus some meatier items perhaps... Please have patience while I get back into the groove.