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Update (for real this time)

Alright, enough about my adventures in procrastination. So, I am back from Hamburg – have been back for a while, in fact. It’s great to be back in Vienna. Alternating between intensive work periods and intensive, um, not-work periods is interesting. Basically, I have a different mind-set now than I had in Hamburg, and than […]


Yes, I am still around. I just now started writing a blog post and ended up rebuilding my Spotlight index, go figure. Um. More later.

GDC is the new E3

This is perhaps not a new observation, but it struck me recently that GDC is, in some ways, the new E3. For some time now, it has been big and loud, and big industry announcements were made there. But now since E3 is gone there is no other place or time in the year where […]

Analysis of Howard Stringer at Sony

Roger Ehrenberg over at Information Arbitrage has posted an interesting analysis of the predicament and performance of Howard Stringer, Sony’s CEO. It contains some information about the culture at Sony that is interesting to know in combination with their current PR problems in the games sector. News has an interesting momentum. The lure of a […]

Robert Anton Wilson has died

Robert Anton Wilson has died. For real, this time. I mentioned him before. Go read his stuff, if you haven’t.

Warren Ellis on sex in Second Life

I have not really taken any kind of in-depth look at Second Life, but I have been reading the various stories that have appeared over the years. I was nevertheless quite surprised by the amount of coverage Reuters is giving it. I found their Second Life site spooky because I had to keep taking closer […]