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This Is Waiting is a site expressing the displeasure of European gamers about the PS3 in general, and it's late arrival in Europe in particular, using pictures, some of which are amusing.

(Not unlike UK Resistance's Sony Lie Watch.)

Right now, it sure looks like Microsoft and Nintendo are doing well in the console wars compared to Sony. Still, I wish it were all over and we could play some games on the Wii.

(Thanks Ronny.)

Update: It seems the site above is a minority view, as European gamers 'don't mind' launch delays, according to a Sony VP. Well, I guess that means Ray "Extremely Disappointed" Maguire, senior vice president and managing director of Sony UK, is not a gamer. Boy, if Sony has people who don't put their feet in their mouths every time they say something, they're sure hiding them well.