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The Holy Grails of Console Game Collecting

Whether you're a real or wanna-be console game collector, or whether (like me) you dig the 'Lucky Wander Boy'-esque vibe of the incredibly obscure video game, you might get a thrill out of the Holy Grails of Console Game Collecting by Racketboy. Some of these are gems of obscurity, just waiting to be glimpsed in that little dusty shop you'd never noticed before and can't find again (I went to a store like this in Leipzig, but sadly, all I found was dust).

Treasure is known for releasing their masterpieces in low quantities, but Bangai-O: Prize Edition is so rare, I'd wager most collectors have never even heard of it; a quick search on the internet will bring up next to no information.

The original issue of the Dreamcast shmup, Bangai-O is actually a cult favorite (it is one of the best shooters on the Dreamcast) and demands more cash than your normal Dreamcast game, but it pales in comparison to the rarity and value of this extremely limited edition.

This version of the shooter was given out by Treasure to exactly five people as the top prizes in a Japanese high-score competition. While the game itself is identical to the original Bangai-O, the Prize Edition can be identified by a sticker on the case declaring itself as a winner's trophy.

In the past, two of these games have been sold, both very quietly. It's unknown the price of the first sale, but the most recent was placed in the inventory of an online store for $500, and at that selling point was quickly snatched.

I am not a hard-core collector, although I've bought some older games on Ebay. I know a few real collectors here in Vienna (like Subotron). I could never come close to these guys, even though I own around 8 consoles.

(Via Slashdot Games.)

Update: Speaking of hard-core collections, I just found this collection of pre-video-game Nintendo toys via Boing Boing.