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Robert Anton Wilson needs our help

Robert Anton Wilson needs our help. I am a big, big fan of Robert Anton Wilson. I cannot really explain here in a finite blog post why, or what he has done - suffice to say I have a lot of his books and they changed my world view. If you don't know who he is, follow some of the links and check out some of his books (I suggest the Illuminati! trilogy he co-wrote with Robert Shea, followed by the Cosmic Trigger trilogy.)

If you do know who Robert Anton Wilson is, consider helping the man:

Sadly, we have to report that wizard-author-intelligence increase agent is in trouble with his life, home and his finances. Robert is dying at his home from post polio syndrome. He has enough money for next months rent and after that, will be unable to pay. He cannot walk, has a hard time talking and swallowing, is extremely frail and needs full time care that is being provided by several friends-fans-volunteers and family. We appeal to you to help financially for the next few months to let him die at his home in peace.

All it takes is a PayPal account. For details follow the link above to the Boing Boing post.

Update: Mr. Wilson not thrown out of his home.

Update: A note from Bob.

Dear Friends, my God, what can I say. I am dumbfounded, flabbergasted, and totally stunned by the charity and compassion that has poured in here the last three days. To steal from Jack Benny, "I do not deserve this, but I also have severe leg problems and I don't deserve them either." Because he was a kind man as well as a funny one, Benny was beloved. I find it hard to believe that I am equally beloved and especially that I deserve such love. Whoever you are, wherever you are, know that my love is with you. You have all reminded me that despite George W. Bush and all his cohorts, there is still a lot of beautiful kindness in the world. Blessings. Robert Anton Wilson