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links for 2006-10-22

The 1% rule (The Guardian) Rule of thumb suggests: 1% creators, 10% interactors, 89% viewers. (Via Wonderland) (tags: user_created_content) Making Light: Bestsellers, okaysellers, and slippery figurative language A clarification of the original post I linked to on the 21st, re: is book publishing hit-driven / bestseller-driven or not. It’s slightly more subtle. (tags: book_publishing business […]

Beyond Machinima: Rudy Poat and John Gaeta on the Future of Interactive Cinema

There’s a strange article on Gamasutra called Beyond Machinima: Rudy Poat and John Gaeta on the Future of Interactive Cinema. It’s basically an interview with Rudy Poat, creative director at EA Vancouver, and John Gaeta, Academy Award winning special effects guy, most famous for the SFX in The Matrix.

Clint Hocking has a blog

I don’t report or comment on new blogs I read or discover as much as I should. In an attempt to correct that: I recently discovered (via Markus Friedl) that Clint Hocking has started a blog on game design. Mr. Hocking is a writer and game designer who worked on the Splinter Cell series at […]

links for 2006-10-21

Analysis of in-game advertising in SWAT 4 Disturbing, though not much more than, say, Windows Media Player. Via Penny Arcade. (tags: Advertising games) Richard and Robert Garriott on the future of MMOs (The Escapist) An interesting read. (tags: games_industry online) The 18 Mistakes That Kill Startups Interesting. (tags: business) Dr. NakaMats’ inventions (PingMag) 100% true?… […]

links for 2006-10-20

Del Toro working on Hellboy (Eurogamer) After James Cameron, John Woo and Peter Jackson, another movie director gets involved in games. I wonder how many of them really ‘get’ it. Note that they are all genre directors. (tags: movies games) Line Rider Post by Clint Hocking about Line Rider, a simple but fun flash game […]

links for 2006-10-19

The 12 best movie pitches ever Surely some of these can be turned into games. Or have been already?… (via (tags: cinema funny) Beyond Star Wars Interview with George Lucas from a 1997 issue of Wired magazine. Note how he talks about turning filmmaking into an iterative process. Question your assumptions. (tags: cinema process) […]

A reason to stop playing World of Warcraft

Here is an interesting post on a blog called Soul Kerfuffle. It was written by a former officer for a top World of Warcraft raiding guild. The post describes why he stopped playing. I just left WoW permanently. I was a leader in one of the largest and most respected guilds in the world, a […]

links for 2006-10-18

Nintendo DS is largely responsible for US games industry growth … says Nintendo. Still, it sounds plausible. (tags: games_industry sales_figures nintendo) EA’s David Gardner makes six predictions about the future at EIEF Female gamers, ads, YouTube, talent, legislation, user-created content. (tags: games_industry ea female_gamers user_created_content) The Games Journal A magazine about board games. It’s hard […]

links for 2006-10-17

Slashdot | Virtual Economies Attract Real-World Tax Attention It was only a matter of time. (tags: virtual_worlds economics regulation) KGDI presentation on the gaming industry / market in South Korea South Korea is freaky, like bizarre SF utopia/dystopia of game development. (tags: south_korea games_industry) The making of the strategy board game VIKTORY II An interesting […]

Chris Crawford’s new interactive storytelling technology

On Boing Boing, Cory Doctorow describes a demonstration of Storytron, the new interactive storytelling technology developed by Chris Crawford. Additionally, Dr. Dobb’s Journal has an interview with Chris about it. It looks like a next generation version of his previous effort, the Erasmatron, only this time it has a bigger team (i.e. not just Chris), […]