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Wii News

Most of the important Wii news (except European price and release date, out today supposedly) has been revealed.

Here is a trailer of all the launch 'window' titles. Some good stuff there. I can't believe I'm dying to play WarioWare again.

And here are some videos of the system interfaces. Very interesting. If you've always wondered what a non-game app like a weather forecast would look like if Nintendo did the interface, check it out. They are masters at using sound and animation in interface design.

And I love the idea of storing player profile data in the controller so you can take it along to a friend, effectively turning the controller into a memory card. (Theoretically, you wouldn't need to store any data in the controller, just link its ID to an on-line profile. But storing data directly on the controller will allow it to work even if the console is off-line, which may still happen.) It works because the controller is small and wireless. And it may increase sales of controllers, since people will be less inclined to share controllers (including multi-player games with the console helps too).

Anyway, can't wait to get one.

Update: Not-really-auto-updating live transcript of Nintendo's European press conference courtesy of Eurogamer. Key data: December 8th, 249 Euro.