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PlayStation 3 Euro launch delayed

OK, it's hardly news by now that the PlayStation 3's European launch has been delayed. It means I have to wait for four more months before I can refuse to spend a ridiculous amount of money for a console that's not worth it, in my humble opinion.

Before I get accused of exaggerated PS3-bashing: I waited a long time (until I saw Ico and played Tony Hawk, to be precise) before I bought a PS2, and even longer (until my mental faculties were worn down by an all-nighter and peer pressure) before I bought an Xbox. Only Nintendo gets my day-one love. (Of course, among my friends this means I am a cold and aloof party pooper - why am I not pre-ordering the Japanese version of Nintendo's latest console?)

One tiny thing from that article struck me though:

Ray Maguire, senior vice president and managing director of Sony UK, said: "We are extremely disappointed at news of this delay, and can truly empathise with everyone who was looking forward to PS3's imminent release."

What an odd way of phrasing this. Wouldn't you expect him to say: "We are extremely disappointed to have to bring you the news of this delay"? He seems to be saying that he is disappointed by the news from Sony Japan, as if he is not, in fact, working for the same company. Which seems to strengthen my impression that Sony's bits and parts do not always add up to one whole.