Monthly Archives August 2006

I will be at the Games Convention in Leipzig this year

I will be at the Games Convention in Leipzig from Tuesday August 22nd to Saturday August 26th. Contact me if you want to meet up!

User Interfaces by Edward Tse

On Edward Tse‘s website you can see an interesting video on the use of bimanual gestures, speech and gesture input on a huge touch-screen, as a user interface for Google Earth and Warcraft 3. It will be a while before this becomes a mass-market thing, but still, it’s interesting.

A Force More Powerful

I happened to be looking at the website of Breakaway Games, and among their games I saw Civ III: Conquests, Tropico: Paradise Island, Austerlitz: Napoleon’s Greatest Victory, and… A Force More Powerful. From the game’s website: Can a computer game teach how to fight real-world adversaries—dictators, military occupiers and corrupt rulers, using methods that have […]

The Onion’s AV Club interviews Alan Moore

There are a lot of interviews around right now with Alan Moore, because of the release of Lost Girls, the erotic graphic novel he made with Melinda Gebbie. Here is one done with The Onion’s AV Club. I enjoy reading interviews with Mr. Moore – he’s one of my favorite writers, and a very sane […]

No more trackbacks for a while

I am currently getting about 2 to 3 spam trackbacks per hour. I am not approving any of them, but even the notification emails are becoming a nuisance. There doesn’t seem to be much I can do about it, and I can’t globally stop them (only per post, and I’m not going to change the […]

PS3 vs Wii Commercial

I sincerely hope this is not an official Nintendo ad, but it is kind of a funny rip-off of Apple’s current Apple vs PC ad campaign. Make mine a Wii! But I didn’t need that ad to convince me of that. Update: Yup. Still funny. In an ironic way, of course *cough*. Funny how dorky […]