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Weird Japanese Games Update

I love weird Japanese games, and just came across a whole bunch of them.

This game (I don't even know the title) is the most hilariously girly game evar, and seems to involve chihuahuas in little pink sweaters. Clever move to use chihuahuas: the 'surely it's head will explode soon' tension makes it appeal to men as well. Note the grown man in a fancy suit soberly explaining the pink and turquoise frilly features.

Super Galdelic Hour is a PlayStation 2 game that must be seen to be believed. I can't begin to describe this.

Segagaga is a Dreamcast game by Sega, about trying to keep Sega from going under (in the year 2025, ahaha). Be sure to watch the first video for an accurate depiction of game development, not to mention transforming office buildings.

Trusty Bell appears to be a role-playing game for the Xbox 360 with very nice anime graphics, starring famous composer Chopin. That's right. No more need be said.

Finally, I am quite intrigued by what I am hearing about (and seeing of) Mistwalker's Cry On, a new action RPG for the Xbox 360. It's hard to find a central place holding all the info, and it's not very weird (comparatively speaking - it IS an RPG starring a little girl who can cry tears of joy and sadness, and who is accompanied by a small robot that can become a giant). More later perhaps.

(Via some jokers at Kotaku, mostly.)