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Bush got a DS Lite and Brain Age Training for his 60th birthday

This is doing the rounds on the game blogs right now (e.g. Robin, Kim): US president George W. Bush got a DS Lite and Brain Age Training for his 60th birthday, courtesy of Nintendo.

Worth mentioning again, IMO. As a PR stunt, this sure beats sending fake terrorist threat letters to embassies, post 9/11.

In order to make this slightly more interesting than just a repeat of what other people are saying: a recent New Yorker contained a very interesting article about Timothy Leary. I quote:

After his experience with Mexican mushrooms, Leary read “The Doors of Perception” with excitement. This was a style of mystico-pseudoscience that suited him perfectly, a kind of shamanistic psychology delightfully immune to empirical challenges. As it happened, [Aldous] Huxley was then lecturing at M.I.T., and Leary arranged a meeting. They had lunch at the Harvard Faculty Club, which was, and remains, the unlikeliest venue in which to plan the future of a psychedelic movement. But that is what Leary and Huxley did. Huxley’s idea was that, if the world’s leaders could be turned on, the lion would lie down with the lamb, and peace would be at hand. The vision was appealing to Leary. It was, after all, simply psychiatric social work on a global scale, and administered not to convicts and juvenile delinquents but to the political, social, and artistic élites—much more fun. The person Leary eventually teamed up with in the business of spreading acid illumination was not Huxley, who died in 1963, on the day President Kennedy was assassinated; it was [Allen] Ginsberg, a man who took pride in knowing the address and phone number of everyone who mattered in the cultural world. Turning important people on was their mission.

It looks like Nintendo is continuing the mission.