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E3 No More?

According to Next Gen, E3 is history: Senior industry sources have revealed to Next-Gen.Biz that the E3 industry event, in its present form, has been cancelled for next year and the foreseeable future. The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) shindig has been a staple of game industry life since the mid-1990s. However, we understand the larger […]

The Power of the Marginal by Paul Graham

The Power of the Marginal, found via Jason Kottke’s remaindered links, is a hugely interesting essay on being an insider versus being an outsider. That’s the paradox I want to explore: great new things often come from the margins, and yet the people who discover them are looked down on by everyone, including themselves. It’s […]

Interview with Chulip Director Yoshirou Kimura

1UP has an interview with the Yoshirou Kimura, the director of Chulip, the odd PS2 game I wrote about a while back. It’s a short but interesting interview.

Some Games and Art / Performance Links

Time to close some tabs. Space Invader has come to Vienna, apparently. Various small games with a message can be found here. One of them is the McDonald’s videogame that was in the news a while back. I like the idea, but found it a bit too hard to comprehend the underlying simulation. Another is […]

Henry Jenkins On What Happened To Star Wars Galaxies

I’ve written about issues in Star Wars Galaxies before (one, two), but that was before LucasArts and SOE decided to radically redesign the game without consulting their customers first. My impression has been that this became a major catastrophe, but to be honest I haven’t looked at their subscription numbers before and after. Whatever the […]

Weird Japanese Games Update

I love weird Japanese games, and just came across a whole bunch of them. This game (I don’t even know the title) is the most hilariously girly game evar, and seems to involve chihuahuas in little pink sweaters. Clever move to use chihuahuas: the ‘surely it’s head will explode soon’ tension makes it appeal to […]

Darth Vader With New Dialogue, Sam Fisher With New Attack

Some joker calling himself Skylab posted this amazing video of Darth Vader, with, well, different James Earl Jones lines. And some jokers calling themselves Kotaku posted a funny Sam Fisher imitates Zidane video.

‘Lucky Wander Boy’ Author Is Writing Halo Screenplay

D. B. Weiss, the author of Lucky Wander Boy which I wrote about a while back, is writing the screenplay for the Halo movie. (Via Slashdot: Games.)

Portal by Valve

What an excellent video for Portal, the new game by Valve, part of Episode 2. I love the style and wit of the video, and the mind-bending gameplay which seems even more twisted than Prey’s. And it’s coming for the Xbox 360!

Christian Dior Fall 2006 collection

The Christian Dior Fall 2006 collection by John Galliano looks awesome. The best online gallery I’ve found so far is over at (via Boing Boing). Very video-game-esque. Specifically, some of it reminds me of Tetsuya Nomura’s work at Square-Enix (it certainly seems equally impractical). Inspirations apparently include Jeanne d’Arc and Blade Runner, among many […]