Monthly Archives June 2006

Robin Hunicke on Development Philosophy

Robin has posted a very interesting blog entry about parallels between the early days of Buddhism and game development. I have been reading more of Old Path, White Clouds lately. In particular, I have been drawn to discussions of the problems that the Buddha faced as his popularity grew, and his ideas drew new people […]

Worksafe Street Fighter 2 Porn Cosplay

Sheesh, what is this? I’m trying to post more serious stuff, I swear… but I keep coming across stuff like this on Kotaku. The subtitles actually made me laugh out loud. I wonder what the full movie is like, and what people are really saying.

Saturday Night Live sketch about video game junkies

Since I’m posting funny stuff… I just found this on Kotaku. Very funny. “Tonight, Phyllis will earn 6 dollars and 75 cents. The hard way. A quarter at a time.”

Funny Live-Action Mario Movie

Here. I love this stuff.

Page with tons of cool videos

I was looking for a video of Jamie Lidell’s awesome performance at the Royal Festival Hall, and stumbled across Apollo Pony, a “filter videoblog of aggregated content now playing around the internet (i.e. stuff that we like)”. In short, it is a page filled with cool videos, for a wide variety of definitions of cool.

Blade Runner on DVD at last

The Digital Bits has a report about the real director’s cut of Blade Runner which is finally coming to DVD. And to the cinemas!

Steve Jobs’ commencement speech

Again, I’m clearing out my tabs. Steve Jobs’ commencement speech. I don’t know when he gave this or at which university.

Chulip for Playstation 2

I need to close some tabs: Firefox is becoming a drag on my computer. 1UP has a preview of a weird Japanese game called Chulip. There are two types of people in Long Life Town, the folks above ground like yourself, and the inhabitants of the underground tunnel system. On the surface, they couldn’t be […]