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Chulip for Playstation 2

I need to close some tabs: Firefox is becoming a drag on my computer.

1UP has a preview of a weird Japanese game called Chulip.

There are two types of people in Long Life Town, the folks above ground like yourself, and the inhabitants of the underground tunnel system. On the surface, they couldn't be any more different from one another, but if you peel back a few layers you'll quickly discover what they all have in common: their inability to love.

This is where you, the poor boy with an unhealthy obsession about a girl he's never met, come into play. In order to be accepted by the girl of his dreams, Bort has to mature to the point where he can truly express his feelings in a way befitting of a man. To do so, he'll have to discover what it is to love by socializing and eventually kissing the population both above and below ground.

What's not to like? Note that the innovation appears to lie almost entirely in the meaning or aesthetics (in MDA terms) and not in the mechanics. Which is good: known mechanics make for better accessibility, allowing the 'message' to be conveyed. The setting and style and theme are where the originality lies.