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Real-world search on GPS cellphones

This BoingBoing post describes something I’ve been waiting for for years now: pointing your cellphone at a building and getting information about it. I somehow always imagined this to work by overlaying CG over the video of a cell phone’s camera, but not doing it that way (as this project in Japan seems to do) […]

Jon Stewart mocks US hearings on video games

Jon Stewart mocks the recent congressional hearings in the US on video games here. (Via Kim Pallister.)

Huge losses leave Atari’s future in question

So apparently Atari is not doing so well. I found this comment by CEO and chief creative officer Bruno Bonnell amusing: “The Atari brand has stood for innovation and pioneering spirit for more than 30 years. As Atari executes on its strategic objectives, we must recapture what made Atari an iconic brand. During fiscal 2007, […]

Fans Take Video Game Into Real World

Madden NFL 06 Fans Take Video Game Into Real World. What will they think of next! Boo hiss to the big corporation trying to turn this into some kind of commercial enterprise. (Via

Short animated movies made by Gobelins for Annecy 2006

Here are the short animated movies made by Gobelins for Annecy 2006. These are student projects. One of the nice things about France is that the people coming from these schools will move freely between animation, comics and games. This is why the graphics in French games are often so nice. It’s too bad that […]

Xbox 360 “Jump In” ad

This Xbox 360 ad, which apparently just won an award, is indeed very cool. The activities depicted within also seem as far away from playing on an Xbox 360 as you can get. But meh, who cares. (Via Kotaku.)

France launches cyber-budget game

France launches cyber-budget game. The French government has launched an online game that challenges taxpayers to balance the national budget of nearly 300bn euros ($373bn). It’s like SETI at home, isn’t it? And I thought dry management games only worked in Germany. Then again, this probably isn’t very dry if it’s realistic. So, you’re spending […]

Early Super Smash Bros Brawl – Beta Footage

I know embarrassingly little about the Super Smash Bros franchise, but according to 4 Color Rebellion, Nintendo originally wanted to make a game that looks like this. It is hilarious… almost like a really good fan-made movie making fun of a ton of Nintendo’s characters. It beats most Mario-ridiculing movies hands down. Now they hired […]

Project Exile, Indie RPG for Nintendo DS

I just read this post about Project Exile, a Chrono Trigger-like RPG for the Nintendo DS, developed by indie developer Studio Archcraft. The video looks very good! Here is an interview 4 Color Rebellion did with the developers. (Via 4 Color Rebellion.)

Half-Life 2 review

Over the last couple of days, I played and finished Half-Life 2. Yes, I know it came out in November 2004. The thing is, I don’t have a PC, and I don’t play at work, so I’ve been playing the Xbox version (as I am one of the select few who even know of its […]