Monthly Archives April 2006

Super Mario Bros Live

Watch the first level of Super Mario Bros live. Awesome. (Thanks Ryan.)

Dance Dance Revolution with real flamethrowers

Here. Sounds, ahaha, hot. No seriously, I’d play it. Also: best picture of a girl used to advertise a game ever.

The Forest In Winter

The Forest In Winter is a very nice animated short. I won’t use any more adjectives so as not to spoil it. I recommend you don’t read the text, but click on the image and watch the video first.


Did you think game development was all about fun and excitement and roller-coaster thrills? Did you imagine the devs sitting around a TV, controller in hand, laughing and laughing as they concoct another little moment of joy for the masses? You were wrong. To illustrate the point, I’d like to invite you to have a […]