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The Many Unusual Looking Buildings On Earth

Inspiration for level design maybe? Ironically you’d need to work hard to not just have this come across as fantastic art direction in a game – you don’t have the ‘omg it’s a real building’ factor working for you… (Via BoingBoing.)

And Then There Were None

There’s a very nice review on CNN of DreamCatcher Interactive’s adventure game ‘And Then There Were None’, based on the Agatha Christie novel, and written and designed by Lee Sheldon.

WoW’s Two-Headed Ogre Race

I can’t say anything about it that Alice hasn’t said already. It’s on the Blizzard site so it must be true :)

Dungeon Runners

Just read about NCSoft’s new MMO, Dungeon Runners via Penny Arcade. Is this me or is this a brazen WoW clone? The art style… even the names… Embercore Broodling? Shadowspawn Queen? Or am I an MMO n00b and/or blind to Blizzard’s fantasy clichés after 1 year of playing? Concept art looks great though.

Labor relations

For about a whole minute, I thought this post on bosses was about conflicts with upper management.

Speaking of cool new user interfaces

… you’ve probably already seen the amazing multi-digit touch-screen video. But if you haven’t, go take a look, it’s awesome. (Anyone remember that video of the Asian artist making sand drawings on an overhead projector?) Update: That video was removed from YouTube, but basically it was the TED talk of Jeff Han, whose work can […]

Augmented reality cell phone soccer game

C-LAB, the software arm of Siemens Business Services and the University of Paderborn have created “Kick Real,” which is an AUGMENTED REALITY SOCCER GAME for cell phones. To play, you aim your camera phone down, and the video screen superimposes a soccer field on the live video of your foot. You can see the virtual […]

Best Breakout clone ever?

Breakquest, apparently. It sounds like fun. (And ooh, a whole site dedicated to physics games.) (Via Robot Wisdom, the now-defunct impenetrable site of wonder.) Update: Thanks to Ogi Djuraskovic for pointing out that Robot Wisdom is gone. He has written about Jorn Barger, the man behind Robot Wisdom, here.

Miyazaki Earthsea update

A while back I blogged about Goro Miyazaki directing a movie based on Ursula Le Guin’s Earthsea Cycle, and lamented the fact that I was not able to read Mr. Miyzaki’s blog. Today I found out that a translation of this blog can be found on, source of all knowledge on Miyzazaki and Studio […]

Animal Crossing Feng Shui

I’ve always admired Animal Crossing more as a concept than as an experience. That is, I find the idea hugely fascinating and am glad it exists, but I didn’t particularly enjoy playing the GameCube version a couple of years back. I knew as I was playing it that I was much too goal-oriented, and not […]