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Halloween, JRPG-style

Geekonstun came up with a great idea for what to wear on Halloween.

Shadow of the Colossus, attempt 1

Imagine if the first opponent you meet in a game is a boss. Can you say “Bambi Meets Godzilla”? My personal code of honor now requires that I throw the game into the corner of my living room. Update: My second attempt was more successful. Two colossi have bitten the dust. (Sorry, Tobe) More update: […]

Spline Doctors

There’s a new animation blog called Spline Doctors, written by six Pixar animators. Two entries caught my fancy: this one on attacking tigers – how wonderfully geeky to look at that from an animation point of view – and this one on hand poses. Hand poses can be one of the most important tools that […]

Japan developing remote control for humans – Japan developing remote control for humans – Oct 25, 2005: Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp., Japans top telephone company, says it is developing the technology to perhaps make video games more realistic. A special headset was placed on my cranium by my hosts during a recent demonstration at an NTT research center. It […]

To The Artist’s Eye Everything is Beautiful

Making Light: To The Artist’s Eye Everything is Beautiful: All the arts are related; modelwork and novel-writing. Both center on making a world in miniature, a false seeming that convinces the viewer/reader of its reality. Herewith some lessons I took away, and use in my own works: No matter how good your model is, it […]

In-game pixel art made by shoving together crates

Boing Boing: In-game pixel art made by shoving together crates.

War Photographer

This (27.5 Mb) is an excellent, excellent music video, directed by Joel Trussell for the song “War Photographer” by Jason Forrest. I want a music game like this! (Don’t ask what a video filled with Viking rock transformers has to do with war photographers.) Through this interview with Trussell I found out about the video […]