Monthly Archives August 2005

Excuses, excuses

I was in Holland for a week. Then I was in France for a week. Then, when I came back, I had some trouble with my main computer. Solving it was easy: a reformat and clean reinstall. However, the backing up and shuffling of data took me about a week. Then it was the weekend […]

Graffiti Kingdom

Graffiti Kingdom, the sequel to Magic Pengel: The Quest for Color shipped recently. Both seem to be console RPGs aimed at younger players, with an innovative model-your-own-monster-in-3D mode. I was sure I had already posted something about Magic Pengel, but it looks like I was wrong – I posted about two other console games that […]

Link round-up

Yes, more links from all over. It does not require conscious thought on my part, and clears my browser / news reader tabs.