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I, Roommate: The Robot Housekeeper Arrives – New York Times. “WHEN my home robot arrived last month, its smiling inventors removed it from its box and laid it on its back on my living room floor. They leaned over and spoke to it, as one might to a sleeping child. It straightened, let out a […]

Psychonauts on PS2

Apparently Psychonauts is out for PS2. Which reminds me, I should play it, now that I’m free from the clutches of Azeroth.


EALA nabs Doug Church. Congratulations, Doug! Sounds like a great opportunity. Go kick ass! (Via Gewgaw.)


Our industry, specifically the third-world MMO secondary market sweatshop phenomenon, has managed to freak out Patrick Nielsen Hayden, a professional SF editor. That takes some doing. Yay us! Alright, so it’s a questionable honour. I have to say that the intersection of MMOs, economics and society freak me out too sometimes.

Sony’s DataTiles and user interface integration

Gizmodo has reported on an experimental user interface from Sony called DataTiles. It’s physicality is cute but seems impractical. However, the level of integration is impressive, and obviously (to me) has a lot of potential. I think it’s very hard to integrate all of these different bits of functionality, for two reasons. First of all, […]

Gel TV

Early in the morning? Trouble waking up? Watch this. Ahhh…. what would we do without Japan? (Via Twitch.)

The Sims and teenage pregnancy

Check out this Belgian public service announcement. (Via James and the Blue Cat.)

Representation-Of-Reality Gaming

Do you like games that interact with physical reality? You know, like playing Monopoly in London or Pac-Man in New York? But you don’t like the inconvenience of rain, it being 3 AM, you not being dressed yet, or those places being thousands of miles away? Well my friend, now there’s a solution! Instead of […]

Left Behind: The Game

Boy, where do I start? Left Behind is a mega-best-selling series (“More Than 60 Million Books Sold”) of novels aimed at hard-core Christians. It’s about what happens on this planet during the Apocalypse: first, millions of people ascend bodily into heaven, then the survivors fight while everything goes, ahaha, to hell in a hand-basket. Or […]

Anti video game propaganda is getting less subtle

14 Year Old Teenage Boy (who shot off part of own toe with rifle) Gets Struck By Lightning While Playing GTA3.