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I, Roommate: The Robot Housekeeper Arrives - New York Times.
"WHEN my home robot arrived last month, its smiling inventors removed it from its box and laid it on its back on my living room floor. They leaned over and spoke to it, as one might to a sleeping child. It straightened, let out a little beep, lighted up, looked left and right, and then, amazingly, stood and faced me. I said, "Nuvo, how are you?" It tilted to the left, and raised one arm to greet me. It shook my hand and winked with one of the lights in its little head. My life hasn't really been the same since."

Why can't game characters do that? A lot of the tough stuff is a lot easier in the virtual space.

(Via, ah, that one site, name is on the tip of my tongue... or was it that other one?)