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Random fun

Meta-All Your Base: Engrish Game. Also, somewhat related: one of my co-workers has this T-shirt – I was rather tempted myself. To get the shirt. But I couldn’t deal with the thought of running into my co-worker wearing the same. The embarassment! More semi-ironic across-cultural-divide video-game-inspired T-shirts can be found here. And here. But, well, […]

Hollywood’s Death Spiral

There’s an article on Slate about the economics of Hollywood, how it is so hard to get accurate numbers on it, and how home entertainment is crushing theater box office. Even as late as 1980, when the audience had television sets and video players, studios still earned 55 percent of their money from people who […]

Blind Teen Amazes With Video-Game Skills

No, really. Mellen hangs out any chance he gets at the DogTags Gaming Center in Lincoln, which opened last month. Every now and then someone will come in and think he can easily beat the blind kid. That attitude doesn’t faze Mellen. “I’ll challenge them, maybe. If I feel like a challenge,” he said, displaying […]


If you want an outrage, how about this? It perpetuates the worst stereotypes about game developers. Shame on you Microsoft!


I had nothing to do with the development of GTA:SA. I do have a personal opinion on the Hot Coffee situation, but I’m going to keep it to myself – there is more than enough discussion going on. I haven’t seen anything totally surprising: it’s mostly the same old arguments and points of view all […]

Sugar Is Fun

Sugar Crash. Best Breakout / Arkanoid clone evar. (Via Wonderland.)

It’s only a game

Here is some interesting commentary on the SA Hot Coffee brouhaha. Somehow, I don’t think it will convince the people that need convincing. Still, who knew you could do that with Drano? (Via Kotaku.)

Movie and game schedules a tricky balancing act

There’s a pretty interesting article in the Hollywood Reporter about the difficulties of making sure a game based on a movie is released on the day the movie opens in theaters. Nothing spectacular, but interesting nevertheless.

Life of Pi, Death of a Unicorn

In 1992, the New Yorker published an article about David and Gregory Chudnovsky, two mathematicians in New York who built a supercomputer in their apartment in order to find patterns in Pi. Does that sound familiar? A few months ago, they ran another article on what these two have been up to recently. They’ve been […]


So, Sony, this is what became of your beautiful promises. Good thing I don’t have a PSP yet. (Via, um, some blog or website or other.)