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I care because you do

Somewhere around level... 55? - a few weeks ago at least, I lost most of my interest in World of Warcraft, and stopped playing it every single day. The nice weather had something to do with it.

Today I started out at 59-and-a-half, and because people started snickering behind my back, I suddenly became motivated to get the whole topic of XP over with once and for all. So in an epic 3 hour stint, and with the help of some extremely nice friends, I power-levelled to level 60, the current level cap. I got there at 23:56!

So now I can quietly do all the high level instances, do quests to follow the story, etc. etc. And maybe check out that PvP thing the kids are wild about, not to mention Battlegrounds.

Although I doubt I will get back to several hours a day soon (I once played an average of 7 hours a day...). I tend to like things a lot, then get bored. It took longer to get bored with WoW than I expected, but I think it pretty much happened a few weeks ago.

So, more time for posting here? Maybe. Except I got these really cool new cookbooks, and I want to try out the recipes... How hard can it be to make boeuf bourguignonne?