Monthly Archives June 2005

I care because you do

Somewhere around level… 55? – a few weeks ago at least, I lost most of my interest in World of Warcraft, and stopped playing it every single day. The nice weather had something to do with it. Today I started out at 59-and-a-half, and because people started snickering behind my back, I suddenly became motivated […]

EA previews next-gen content

Just found this in my Drafts folder. I wrote it a while ago: obviously the news item this was inspired by has long been superseded by the next-gen revelations at E3. But my point is, I hope, still valid. At the recent Credit-Suisse First Boston Technology Conference, Electronic Arts, further pushing its status as the […]

Game effects revisited

Well, it turns out I’m not the only one to think about the inherent contradiction of game effects.